Time is our most valuable asset and as Realty Advisors we understand that successful execution from initial property research through the closing of your transaction is critical. Our skilled team will initiate a thorough assessment of your geographic preferences and desired amenities that will be the core criteria used to build the portfolio of potential homes that meet or exceed your expectations.

Require a home mortgage? At the same time we are completing the above assessment, we will have a lender pre-qualify you to enable us to include the mortgage prequalification letter at the same time we submit your purchase offer. Many sellers will not entertain purchase offers that are submitted without lender prequalification. As part of our continuum of care to our clients, our affiliated mortgage company, Lending Resource Capital (LRC) can assist you with the mortgage loan prequalification documentation and process. In addition to LRC, we can refer you to many other qualified top lenders.

In many cases, in preparation for touring pre-selected properties, we will send you weekly reports prior to our meeting, along with comments on any previewing we’ve completed on your behalf. As inventory is constantly in a state of flux, we find that this process is very helpful to our clients. Many of our clients fly into town for the express purpose of purchasing a home and therefore we find that our assistance with the administrative tasks and due diligence prior to your arrival paves the way for a successful outcome. We are proud of our batting average on this one!

What do you do after the purchase? Wanting to renovate? Who do you contact when you’re not familiar with the area? An integral part of our after-sale service has developed through requests from clients needing assistance with managing and or renovation. Please ask us about our in-house concierge and interior design services which are available to all of our clients.

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